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Is fast food a risk to your health?

During the Covid lockdown millions of people were unable to leave their homes to visit their favourite fast food shops, and the shops were ordered to close anyway. Deliveries, however, were allowed.

Thousands of restaurants, and shops preparing everything from pizzas to gourmet meals either got a member of staff to deliver food, or signed up with one of the big companies like Deliveroo or Just Eat. Unfortunately though a number of pirate organisations also set up as food preparers and deliverers, operating from unlicenced premises and using drivers, usually part timers with no job security or proper food delivery insurance lured by promises of high wages (which never seemed to materialise) to transport the food to the consumer.

These people often advertised their services through advertisements on search engines or Facebook and whilst some of them were genuinely trying to make a living during a difficult time some were also taking advantage of the pandemic to trade without proper hygiene control.

Been turned down for car insurance?

Stress levels owing to the Covid epidemic are at an all-term high and this has been been made worse for many motorists, particularly young ones, by a refusal of car insurance companies to offer them insurance. Thousands of motorists have found themselves unable to renew car insurance policies, or even get cover at all, as insurers have tightened up their acceptance criteria.

Much of the problem has been caused by the widespread use of what is known as 'black box' insurance, which monitors the way a car is driven. Insurers are able to increase premiums, or even refuse cover completely, if the system indicates that a car is being driven badly.

Unfortunately, in too many cases the software has been less than perfect, leaving thousands of motorists finding premiums rising sharply, or insurance cover being withdrawn completely, even though they they believe that they had done nothing wrong.

How do you get car insurance if you have been turned down elsewhere?

There is no point going on a price comparison site to compare quotes because they all ask if the applicant has ever had cover withdrawn or special conditions imposed. Reply 'Yes' to this question and the cost of a policy will skyrocket, say 'No' and there is a real risk that when the insurer finds out the truth (they will) the situation for the motorist will get even worse. Luckily there are websites such as in the UK or in the USA who can help, or you may wish to complain to the insurance ombudsman. This office has the power to investigate your complaint and if necessary take action against any insurer that is judged to be at fault.

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