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About us

Hi. My name is Phillip Bremner and I am the editor here! is a website dedicated to exploring the history of transport, and it's evolution over time. From the earliest human transportation methods, to the modern era of cars and airplanes, we provide a comprehensive look at how we've moved ourselves; and our goods; from place to place.

Our website is new, and very much an 'ever evolving entity'; it is run by a small team of passionate (and amateur!) historians, transport enthusiasts, and researchers who are committed to sharing their knowledge with the world. We believe that understanding our past is the key to shaping our future; and we're excited to share this journey with you.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a one-stop resource, for anyone interested in the history of transportation. We try to make our content accessible, engaging, and informative; so, whether you're a student, a history buff, or just someone who loves learning about how things work, we hope that you will find at least something of interest!

Our Content

We intend to offer offer a wide range of content on our site; including articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive features. Some of the topics we propose to cover, in the near future, will include:

  • Early transportation methods (such as walking, riding animals, and using simple machines)
  • The rise of the wheel; and how it revolutionised transportation
  • The development of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure
  • The advent of steam power, and its impact on transportation
  • The growth of the car industry and the development of the modern highway system
  • The impact of air travel on transportation and the world
  • We also propose to explore the social, economic, and cultural factors that have shaped transportation throughout history.

Our Community

We believe that learning is a collaborative effort; and we encourage our readers to engage with us and with each other. We will offer a range of tools and resources for our community, including:

  • A discussion forum; where readers can ask questions, share their knowledge, and connect with other enthusiasts
  • Social media channel; where we share updates, news, and interesting stories from the world of transportation
  • Resource lists; which provide links to further reading and research materials

We're always looking for ways to improve our site and our content, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

More to follow soon ........

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